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Similar to some other beach locations, Bali has plenty to give its guests, from beaches, shopping, spas, awesome night life, yet in addition to this all, you will discover many amazing things which you can experience just in Bali.

After posting a spot that is convenient and one-of-a-kind simultaneously, Bali definitely is a perfect selection let alone the budget accommodation and travel that makes it all the more pleasing for travelers. Although there are many advantages of choosing Bali for the next trip getaway, next few reasons will allow you to discover Bali with a new-light.


The tough and unique land of Indonesia makes this a land with spectacular volcanoes. Popular among these mountains is Mount Agung, that has a huge and deep volcanic crater and is still active since that time it erupted in 1963-1964.


Although you'll find beautiful white beach locations in Bali, its gorgeous black sand beaches are extraordinary too. Among them is the popular Amed beach with amazing seaside views and is yet another choice among snorkelers and divers.

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Do you want to feel the sweetness of silence? The Balinese new-year event also referred to as as Nyepi Day is the ideal occasion and it is a special characteristic of Bali.


The rice terraces at Tegallalang Ubud come with remarkable, wide landscapes of green, abundant rice paddies and are great for your Bali trip photos. As soon as you climb up, you'll find diners to take pleasure from the view.


Kuta and Uluwatu, Bali’s well-known beaches, are a-must go to for hardcore surfers. There are actually surf camps for novices too and with just a few surfing classes, you will be all set to test the wave.


Villages in Bali come with cultural shows for travelers. Your days in Bali will end up a lot more spectacular as you delight in watching many traditional dance such as Legong, Kecak, Barong and a lot more.


This island of the gods has many breathtaking water falls worth checking out such as Munduk, Gitgit and Singsing. Munduk and Singsing are definitely worth the hike due to their peaceful paths. More adventurer type of person should consider paying a visit at Gitgit Waterfalls.


It does not make a difference whether you're religious or not, visiting some of the temples in Bali is some sort of sacred experience. The largest and most likely the holiest Balinese temple, Besakih,  that is enclosed by spectacular and picturesque mountains, rice paddies, hills,  is worth exploring.


Relax and calm your body by enjoying the hot water being spewed by Dragon Statues at Banjar Hot Springs. This is a must go destination especially  after a long day of various trips in Bali.


Lakes in northern area of Bali are wonderful and delightful. That being said, you might want to check out Lake Batur, a lake within a tremendous volcano rim close to Mount Batur.

Bali is not only a warm escape with a variety of just about everything, especially when it comes to the type of traveler wanting a travel encounter packed with enjoyment. So what are you waiting for, come and visit Bali now!